LadyBug Festival Award 2018

LadyBug Festival Award 2018  was announced and handed over to the awarded film and film maker at the SverigesKortfilmfestival sunday 4 April 2019. The LadyBugFestival award price amount is €500 and was given to the director Peppe Andersson for her important and encouraging documentary ”I Have to Save the World a Little” about the poet and trans activist Yolanda Auror Bohm.

LadyBug Festival Award 2018 goes to Peppe Andersson and her documentary
”I have to Save the World a Little”

And the Motivation is:
This documentary shows that nothing else is possible but equality and human rights in a healthy society. In just 15min. the director both inform us and let us share a persons life filled with sorrow, love, struggle, and engagement. Yolanda is a lovely and an intelligent person who makes the universal message of the film alive and we are all truly convinced that equality and human rights is the only alternativ for a better and more human world. A timeless and important film worth to be shown worldwide!

I Have to Save the World a Little about the poet and activist Yolanda Aurora Bohm

I have to Save the World a Little Documentary 15 min Sweden
Director Peppe Andersson ”Yolanda Auror Bohm is fighting for a better society. This film reflects her poetry, activism, commitment and the work for what she is passionated for”

Peppe and the UNESCO Fellini Award

Peppe Andersson and her film ”I Have to Save the World a Little” also won BRONZE at UNICA & the honourable UNESCO Fellini Award 2018