2017 KORTFILMSDAGEN 21 dec/ SHORT FILM DAY all films 15.00-17.00

LadyBugShortFilmMarathon på KORTFILMSDAGEN 15.00-17.00
KORTFILMSDAGEN är ett samarbete mellan LadyBugFestival, Sveriges Kortfilmfestival och Bio Roy
med stöd av Svenska Filminstitutet


20 shorts, free entrance & all films have english subtitle

First six shorts are awarded 1-Minute films from the film contest SM i Minutfilm at Sverigeskortfilmfestival

Anmäl din kortfilm till SverigesKortfilmfestival före 25 Januari
eller din Minutfilm före 1 Mars  


1. Happy End
Animation/Comedy 1,41 min
Directors Maya&Liam Åkesson Sweden 
Searching for the happy end…
2. Stress
Director Eva Höglund Sweden
The mobile phone is calling, and calling, and calling…..and
3. Urskogen
Director Felicia Boudreé Sweden
A screenwriter is loosing koncentration for some seconds
4. On Off
Director Frida Andersson Haase Sweden
Something is wrong with the light button
5. Home Care for Christmas  Minutfilm
Director Victor Hertz Sweden
A question about care, caring and who cares
6. Where is Home?
Director Asad Nazari Sweden
Asad 14 years, fled from Afghanistan alone trough eleven countriesAWARDED at
Sveriges Kortfilmfestival
UNICA Minutefilm Award
Tblisi Sunrise Film Festival
7. Pappa kom fram
Drama/Komedi 5 min 2 sek
Regi My Sandström Sverige
Martin saknar sin pappa och uppsöker ett medium
8. Se Mig Drama 7 min 34 sek
Regi Sophie Wikman Sverige
Det enda hon vill är att hennes mamma ser henne
9. Bollsinne
Drama/Komedi 7 min 34 sek Regi Nicklas Dahlström Sverige
Melkers pappa är fotbollstränare och försöker förvandla de motvilliga pojkarna till världsstjärnor 

8. SE Mig

10.The Way Home
Drama 13 min Director BegoniaRandhav Sweden
After escaping the war in their home country, where circumstances still are life-threatening, Sabahs family ends up in a Swedish hospital

11. Yesterday´s Menu 
Philosophic/Comedy 3 min 30 sec  Director Diana Vincente Spain
A restaurant customer asks for a rather special menu…

12. The Trophy Wall
Drama/Comedy 9 min 34 sec
Director Ellen Johansson Australia / Sweden

A sibling rival between Kila, with a talent for taxidermi, and her brother ”the golden boy” fights over their mothers attention

13. M.A.M.O.N Animation/Satir 5 min 55 sec Director Alejandro Damiani Uruguay/Mexico
While D.Trump is undergoing heart surgery, a portal to another reality opens
14. Good Day Drama/Comedy 8 min 4 sec Director Olga  Dibtseva Russia
When delivering to a married couple, the courier becomes the witness to several accidential deaths

15. Real Artists Drama 12 min 10 sec Director Cameo Wood USA Sophia has just scored every animator’s dream, But to maintain her artistic integrity, it’s going to take all of her instincts and nerve.

16. Exotic Drama 12 min 19 sec Director Filippa Holm Sweden Bella is introducing her boyfriend to her narrow minded and dysfunctional family on a family dinner.



17. Prinsesspojken-Princess Boy Drama 8 min 34 sec
Director Sosi Chamoun Sweden

Calle is more interested in playing with his sisters part of their shared room

18. Wojtek  Documentary 2 min 37 sec Director Monika Stpiczynska Poland
Wojtek and his dad George collect cardboard boxes for a very special reason
19. Viva La Diva Drama/Comedy 7 min 24 sec Director Manuela Bjelke Sweden
Vera, an unemployed woman in her best years will finally be on a job interview
20. When Lucas met Eva Drama 8 min 19 sec
Director Nuria Rubio Spain Three volunteers from an animal protection center go to rescue some dogs